Soft Organizer Pro

Soft Organizer is an excellent and very easy to use application to install and uninstall programs completely on Microsoft Windows. Programs can be installed with tracking, which means the tool records all places in the system where the installed program leaves traces. In the future, these data allow removing that program completely, including all leftovers that may stay in the system after regular uninstalling using the Control Panel.

Soft Organizer is also equipped with a search mechanism to find traces of programs that were not tracked automatically. This means that almost any program ever installed can now be deleted in full, thus preventing the cluttering and clogging of Windows with unnecessary files.

For programs you prefer to keep installed, Soft Organizer can check for available new versions and notify you about them with a special symbol in the application list. Timely updating of installed programs allows you to avoid many issues, as new releases usually feature both new capabilities and critical bug fixes.

The built-in rating system provides a way to locate and get rid of unneeded and low-quality products.
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System restore before installation, reboot after.

Given the nature of this program which, by the way, looks very good, it would provide extra confirmation of the safety of installing this/any program if a system restore point was created on installation. I'd also like to see a reboot built-in to...
Stephen BIRD, 09.06.2018, 17:03
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search all data for which install added a file

The installation data collected during an install is in proprietary format so I can't easily search through it. I would like to be able to search through all the installations for a particular file so I can uninstall something which added spyware,...
J. Stampfel, 09.06.2018, 20:40